Despite Corona: PRAXLABS KIQ continues engagement 

The PRAXLAB KIQ, in which the community of ’Siegen isst bunt’ met weekly before Corona, was closed in the course of the crisis. Instead, a Corona outpatient clinic was set up there. Nevertheless, we were able to assemble and set up raised beds outside, fill them with soil and plant them. The raised beds were first filled with a layer of rough branch cut. This was followed by a layer of lawn cuttings and the top layer consists of soil. ’Siegen isst bunt’ has also set up a small raised bed for children. In addition, a climbing facility for plants was attached to a raised bed and a compost was built. Soon we will also have a water connection for watering and a comfortable sitting area. Also flower boxes for tomatoes and flowers were set up and planted and further climbing facilities for plants were built. At KIQ we have sown and planted a large variety of vegetables, among other things. These range from pumpkin, cucumber, and paprika to peas, beans and herbs. Further plants are still to be planted. As you can see, a lot has happened at the KIQ.