The efficient use and sustainable conservation of energy and resources is one of the greatest challenges facing society today. Around 99.3 % of companies in Germany are small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and thus a decisive factor in achieving obligatory climate protection targets.

In SMEs, there is great potential for energy and resource savings, which often remains untapped due to various barriers. Many SMEs do not systematically deal with potential savings or optimization measures because they often consider the associated financial, time and personnel costs to be too high. The aim is therefore to reduce these barriers by proactively supporting SMEs in optimizing their consumption, procurement and management.

In order to guarantee practical suitability, we work within the framework of a Living Lab-based research and development always in close cooperation with partners from industry and research. The focus is on the users because it is only through the explicit context knowledge of the employees that it becomes possible to design energy management systems that are suitable for practical use and to carry out analyses in an appropriate manner.

SustainKMU pursues a dual approach, which encompasses both technical developments and measures for the qualification of employees. This should enable them to carry out optimization measures independently and build up and pass on the relevant knowledge within SMEs.

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2019 – 2022

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Sebastian Taugerbeck M.A.