A dementing disease not only afflicts the cognitive capabilities (especially memory) but also the physical capabilities which is associated with a decrease of physical activities. The physical and mental, emotional resources of care givers may be especially strained in this situation. The aim of the project MobiAssit is to increase the physical activities of the afflicted and their care givers in order to enhance mental and physical capabilities and thereby reducing the strain of the care givers. To this end, a ICT based mobility-assistive system is being developed for patients suffering from dementing diseases and their relatives and is being evaluated in a care given setting. ICT here stands for information and communication technology. Here a new concept for human and technology interaction is being developed with an emphasis on persons suffering from dementing diseases. The system centers around biographical backgrounds, language, music, games, fun, emotions and takes the needs of professional care givers and family members into consideration.

The development of the system is undertaken by a multidisciplinary team consisting of partners for software development, care service providers as well as institutes of sport science and care science. The coordination is done by the Diakonie Westphalen. The University of Siegen, Charité Berlin, the Institute of sports science of the University of Cologne, Kaasa Solution GmbH, C&S Software GmbH and the BAGSO will together develop till October 2018 an ICT based mobility-assistive system.

MobiAssit takes into consideration the various level of needs of persons afflicted with dementing diseases and their different phases as well as the different care settings such as day care, home settings and stationary care.

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Dr. Rainer Wieching