The manifold studies of cooperative media within the SFB 1187 lead to the collection of large and heterogeneous data sets on contextualized cooperative relations that must be managed. This presents challenges for sustainable research data management. Therefore, new research data infrastructures to support researchers in the SFB are devised to meet the various challenges. Appropriate base services for data storage are developed for a sustainable research data management, which enable the storage and management of research data on cooperation contexts and relations.

The socio-technical study and design of cooperative research practices within the SFB is another central aspect of the subproject. Interdisciplinary and cooperative research practices are documented in an actor- and activity-oriented manner and made transparent for cooperating researchers. Through the study and design of cooperative research media, the subproject deals with the possibilities and limitations of different forms of cooperation in the social sciences and humanities in the joint collection, analysis, and reuse of research data.

To support digital cooperative research practices within and between subprojects, INF develops and provides various exchange platforms as well as research tools and research infrastructures facilitating novel methods of data collection and analysis.

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INF – Infrastructural Concepts for Research on Cooperative Media
contact person: Univ.- Prof. Dr. Volkmar Pipek – Dr. Matthias Korn – Gaia Mosconi, M.A.

A05 – The Cooperative Creation of User Autonomy in the Context of the Ageing Society contact person: Jun.-Prof. Dr. Claudia Müller – Marén Schorch

B04 – Digital Publics and Social Transformation in the Maghreb
contact person: Univ.- Prof. Dr. Volker Wulf – PD Dr. Markus Rohde – Konstantin Aal

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Contact persons:

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Volker Wulf

Univ.- Prof. Dr. Volkmar Pipek

Jun.-Prof. Dr. Claudia Müller

Marén Schorch

Dr. Matthias Korn

M.A. Gaia Mosconi

PD Dr. Markus Rohde

Konstantin Aal