The project GEWINN aims to connect research on gender and IT to the workplace, thus easing the path of female young professionals in IT, enabling them to reach leading positions. Research transfer is at the core of the project: scientific gender knowledge will be developed further in a dialogue among research and industry; it will be processed and documented for practical use in working contexts.


  • Organizations: Research in organizations is intended to ensure a continuous dialogue between research and practice and to promote intensive professional cooperation through action research.
  • Symposia: Forums for continuous exchange – As a platform for exchange between researchers and practitioners on the subject of gender and IT, five symposia will be held during the GEWINN project. During the symposia, there will be talks from researchers in gender studies and practitioners in IT. Participants will be able to join breakout sessions on different topics and share their experiences and exchange ideas.
  • International conference on Gender & IT – At the GEWINN conference we want to discuss and present the current international state of research about gender and IT.
  • Recommendations for action – Knowledge on gender will be developed, prepared and made manageable for practical implementation by means of a dialogue between companies and science.

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M.A. Michael Ahmadi