Learning by doing is the basic concept for all activities in the intercultural come_IN computer clubs – with the computer being at the center. It constitutes the central tool to work, learn and play with in the collaborative project activities in the club. Children and adult participants decide on project topics together, and then plan and put these into practice in the club’s weekly meetings.

The basic idea of come_IN: By means of this collaborative project work of children and adults from different cultural, social and economical backgrounds, cross-cultural understanding and respect is fostered in the intercultural neighborhood, and ultimately the formation of a lively and engaged local community. The computer-based project activities foster learning, the acquisition of language skills, and identity building.

With this, the work of the come_IN computer clubs builds on principles of practice-based, constructionist learning that has been established in computer clubhouses in the US since 1993 by researchers of the MIT Media Lab. These clubhouses address the disadvantaged inner city youth, opening up learning opportunities and the chance to be creative and develop IT skills. The come_IN computer clubs develop this concept further by applying it to the intercultural and intergenerational neighborhood context.

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